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Our team is made up of in-house carvers and fitters as well as a pool of freelance specialists available as we need them. This suits our production needs and allows us to meet increased workloads at various times, throughout the year, without deadline pressures. In-house, we have over 50 years of experience in this specialist field of Joinery. Over many years within this industry, our pool of experienced freelancers also make up a close an essential part of our business and is made up of close friends and colleagues, within a close-knit community of specialists.

Krysztof Ochenkowski

Lead Joiner

As our lead joiner and manufacturer of stairs and pattern maker, Kristoff has a wealth of experience in the geometric stair making and continuous handrails. As an honest and hard working staff member, his understanding of the mechanics of stair building and curving geometric handrails is one of the best in the industry.

Ashley Constantinou

Shop Joiner

An experienced shop joiner that has been with the company for three years and came through a government apprenticeship program. Ashley enjoys the hands on experience of carpentry, carving and stair-making. As we are constantly getting new projects that help with his ability and allows his development as he grows his own portfolio.

Shane McSweeney

Shop Joiner

As an experienced shop joiners that has been with the company for six years . He had this statement to provide for his experience here “An amazing company that took me in with no experience and trained me up to be able to build stairs and make curved handrail from scratch. The staff are great and willing to answer any questions you may have, thanks to their extensive knowledge on stairs and handrail. Best job I have had”.

Steve White

Lead Fitter

As an experienced lead fitter of a team on our projects. He is an experience stair fitter, handrail and spindle fitter. Reliable and hardworking, Steve has a wide range of skills and has been with us since the company started and has worked with the Managing Director of a wide range of projects.

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